Stability Enhancement Systems

The SES Advantage

Injuries are minimized through

Targeted Intervention

Movement Analysis & Program Prescription: Athletes complete a series of evaluative tests that comprehensively provide a personalized projection of each athlete’s injury risk profile. SES utilizes the most current research-based evaluative and video motion analysis techniques to identify and examine risk factors. This information is used to formulate progressive personalized intervention programs that correct high-risk movement patterns and mitigate probability of injury. Neuromuscular training prescriptions are uniquely athlete and sport-specific.

Personalized Sports Medicine

Athlete & Sport Specificity: Each athlete has a unique body type and structure. Their injury history, training experiences and sport participation all contribute to the their injury prevention needs. Other injury prevention programs provide the same interventions to every athlete. Stability Enhancement Systems provides individualized programs specifically tailored to each athlete’s needs and the movement demands of their sport.

Strength and Conditioning

Authorship: SES offers sport-specific strength & conditioning programs authored by certified strength and conditioning specialists (CSCS) with extensive experience. Our substantial work in the field of human biomechanics uniquely positions us to create functional power-focused programs that precisely translate to the movement demands of each sport. Programs can span any length of time requested and are typically used in conjunction with our injury prevention programs.

Collaboration: SES provides collaborative injury prevention support to teams with existing strength and conditioning programs. The focus of strength and conditioning is to improve explosive power, fitness and athletic performance. The elements and exercises that inherently improve strength and power DO NOT prevent injury, thus supplemental SES programs are integral to keeping athletes injury-free. When SES is utilized in combination with strength and conditioning programs results are mutually enhanced.