Stability Enhancement Systems


Enhanced sports performance
through individualized injury
prevention sciences.

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Stability Enhancement Systems, Personalized Risk Profile

Personalized Risk Profile

Each athlete has a unique body type, structure and history. SES performs comprehensive individualized athlete evaluations in order to formulate targeted interventions that correct high-risk movement patterns and decrease probability of injury.

Stability Enhancement Systems, Accessable and Portable

Accessibility + Portability

Athletes are provided with unique login information that allows them to retrieve their SES programs and associated video catalog at any time. This facilitates adherence to programs when athletes are off-campus or traveling. SES programs can be accessed on laptops, tablets or smart phones and coaches are able to track athlete activity.

Stability Enhancement Systems, Seamless Inclusion

Seamless Inclusion

SES programs follow the same training cycle principles as strength and conditioning programs. Dynamic changes in volume and intensity correspond to off-season, pre-season and in-season needs. SES programs are time-efficient and utilize equipment already present.


SES evaluations uniquely
assess an athlete’s entire
biomechanical chain.


SES methods rely on the
most current sports science
research in injury prevention.


SES programs target the exact
biomechanical needs of the
athlete and their sport.